Sleep Apnea in La Jolla

Are you suffering from sleep apnea in La Jolla?

We all know what snoring sounds like, some of us are all too wakefully aware. But what is the cause-or causes- and what can be done about it? Snoring occurs when the soft tissue and muscles in the upper airway vibrate as you breathe and sometimes comes from nasal obstructions as well. Particularly loud or frequent snoring can be assign of obstructive sleep apnea, a serious and potentially life threatening disorder. For many patients in La Jolla sleep apnea can be treated with a simple but effective oral appliance worn at night. At Seaside Dental, their highly skilled dentists provide the state-of-the-art in sleep apnea treatments, as well as night guards, and just about every other dental service you may need. Apart from the critical health benefits of treating sleep apnea, putting a stop to snoring is an added bonus!

Sleep Apnea in La Jolla

Suffers of sleep apnea often report waking up in the morning to find that they’ve unrefreshed from a full night’s sleep. Sleep apnea can cause patients to experience cessations of breathing, sometimes hundreds of times a night, for a few seconds, but some cessations may last for over a minute. This can cause cardiovascular issues. It’s no wonder that morning headaches are another one of the warning signs. Your La Jolla sleep apnea dentist understands how important a good night’s rest is and true diagnosis of sleep apnea is. With the use of a customized oral appliance that fits in your mouth similarly to a sports mouth guard, the soft tissues obstructing the passage of air can be held in proper position, resulting in quiet, rejuvenating slumber. Being excessively fatigued during your wakeful hours is very dangerous. Falling asleep on the job or behind the wheel can be extremely dangerous. According to the AAA foundation for Traffic Safety, drowsy driving accounts for at some 328,000 motor vehicle accidents a year, including thousands which prove to be fatal. Indeed, sleep apnea is considered a contributing factor in increasing numbers of cases.

If you snore at night and/or keep your bed partner awake, call and inquire about screening. Dr. Minger has been certified to screen & help treat sleep apnea. To schedule your appointment, call our office at the number below.


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