Root Canal in La Jolla

Do you need a root canal in La Jolla?

There’s a certain level of reassurance which comes from choosing an experienced oral care professional. Whether a toothache, injury, or worse arises, you;ll have the number and address of an excellent dentist to pinpoint the cause of your oral pain and offer the appropriate treatment. When you make Seaside Dental your choice for general, emergency, and cosmetic dentistry, you can trust that you’ll be receiving first class oral care, whatever your dental needs. 



It’s quite common for patients with persistent oral pain to have issues at the inner nerve level of the tooth, a highly sensitive region. When traumatic injury, infection, or deep dental decay affects the inside tissue of the tooth, the attention of your La Jolla dentist is required. If left untreated, infection can develop deep inside, and spread to the surrounding area, jeopardizing the entire tooth. Root canals are an extremely commonplace procedure, highly successful and performed over 15 million times a year across the country to help save patient’s teeth. Following root canal therapy, a direct filling or custom crown is generally placed to restore the structural integrity of the tooth. At Seaside Dental, you’ll have access to the most natural restorative options. From tooth colored restorations, to custom CEREC crowns-which can be fabricated in only a single visit- you can rest assured that you’ll be provided with the height of convenience and aesthetic results.


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