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As dental technology continues to evolve into the 21st century, many procedures are becoming less invasive. Dental lasers are increasingly being used to treat tooth decay, gum disease, the removal of oral lesions, and even to activate in-office whitening procedures. Commonly used in conjunction with other dental instruments to perform a wide range of other procedures, the dental laser is proving to be a highly versatile instrument. If you’re looking to benefit from the latest technology and techniques in modern dentistry, contact Seaside Dental, your dental office in La Jolla. Their experienced professionals provide a wide range of dental services, and take special care to put your oral health in the best light!

Dental Office in La Jolla

The birth of the dental laser has ushered forth a new era in dental precision. With the increased precision that dental lasers afford, a maximal amount of healthy tissue can be preserved for procedures as common as those for treating cavities and gum disease. For surgical procedures, such as the removal of oral lesions, or advanced periodontal treatment, dental lasers cauterize as they go, minimizing bleeding and swelling, and speeding up healing time when compared to traditional methods. Because dental lasers operate without direct contact to the tooth—eliminating noise, pressure, rumbling, or heat—they often double as an excellent alternative for patients with dental anxiety. Countless patients attest that laser treatment from their dental office in La Jolla is far more comfortable than traditional therapies.

Laser dentistry has been on the rise for over a quarter of a century now, and continues to be used and developed by some of the top dentists in field. If you’re looking for a conservative, noninvasive, and safe alternative to traditional treatment methods, get in touch with your dental office in La Jolla to discuss your options. To learn more about what your laser dentist can do for you, contact Seaside Dental today.


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