We Believe it is Part of Our Mission, as Dental Providers, to Give Back to the Community by Serving with Our Time, Resources, and Skills.

We are always looking to give back, whether it’s in our local community or across the world, it is part of who we are at Seaside Dental. Dr. Minger has worked with the Dental Community Fellowship, providing dental services in Ecuador, Peru, Venezuela, Burundi, Uganda, and the Dominican Republic where she was joined by Linda.

The doctors and team have given their time to the Third Ave Charitable Organization (TACO), the UCSD pre-dental program, Feeding America, Toys for Joy & Toys for Tots.

Dr. Lange has been a mentor for many years supporting the UCSD pre-dental program students. Dr. Minger will be volunteering at the UCSD free dental clinics including the clinic downtown and Veterans Village of San Diego.


Dr. Minger traveled to Uganda for an extended period of time. With a small dental team they traveled to many different areas even working with a medical team and pharmacy at times on this trip. Working in many different schools, churches, and clinics providing dental services all over the country.

The Dominican Republic

In 2013 Linda, our office manager, accompanied Dr. Minger to La Vega, Dominican Republic to give back in an underserved area of the country with Dominican Missions who’s mission is Changing Lives Forever. They invite us in their community once a year to set up a dental clinic and treat the population of the city doing restorative work, preventative and oral surgery.


Dr. Minger with Dental Community Fellowship partnered with Great Lakes Outreach, Harvest for Christ in Burundi. This is a very special partnership here the partners help organize and run the logistics of the clinic, they serve as translators. Patients wait all day or in line for hours. Work is done in orphanages, prisons, churches, community buildings and health complexes.


Dr. Minger was able to serve in January of 2018 in Pisac area of Peru. While serving the community and area  35km outside of Cusco, Peru the group was supporting the work at Tambo de Gozo-Pisac, the mission name which means “Place of Joy”. Nestled in a lush green Valley outside Pisac lies Tambo de Gozo. At this school and mission Dental Community Fellowship, Dr. Minger and 4 other dentists and 18 students, support team and volunteers set up a free dental clinic. Free dental care encouraged the people of the surrounding villages to come visit finding support and teaching Tambo could offer them after the team had left.