Comprehensive Dental Care

We look at the overall picture of your oral health and strive not to fall into “tunnel vision” with one particular tooth.  Education and prevention is paramount in our practice. In the event that dental problems are present it is imperative that the source of the problem is addressed in an understandable way for the patient so we can work together to prevent recurring problems in the future.

When more substantial work is necessary, we are very thorough on the front end. Oftentimes molds of your teeth are made and placed on a jaw simulator, photographs are taken and diagnostic information is gathered together for a thorough analysis.  Once this is done, our doctors can educate patients on their condition, future prevention and various options of treatment that are available. It is only at this point that a patient can make an informed decision on their treatment and how they would like to proceed.


Advanced Dental Technology

Our patients at Seaside Dental are receiving treatment with the most advanced dental technology:

3D Conebeam CT: A 3D examination of your mouth to get the most accurate diagnosisuntitled





untitledCEREC Intraoral scanner and milling unit: Digital impression tool that allows us to place dental crowns in just one appointment





untitledGuided implant surgery using 3D printer and 3D CBCT





untitledSleep Apnea oral appliance





untitledDental Laser





Our doctors provide all phases of dentistry from general dentistry to oral surgery, root canal, TMJ disorder, implant and cosmetic dentistry.

What does that mean for you ?

Many times it is not necessary for our patients to be inconveniently referred around town for different procedures (for example, many root canals, extractions and surgical implant placements can be done in office). We do, however, recognize that there are times where specialty care is needed and a team approach is appropriate for optimum treatment for the patient.  In these cases, we work with several skilled, highly compassionate specialists in the San Diego area who hold similar philosophies of our practice and have our patient’s best interest in mind.

List of dental service at Seaside Dental

  • Comprehensive dental exam
    • TMJ analysis
    • Esthetic and Function analysis
    • Oral cancer screening
    • 2D and 3D evaluation of your gum and teeth
  • Gum treatment
    • Children and Adult preventive dental cleaning
    • Deep dental cleaning
    • Non surgical and surgical gum treatment
  • Restorative dental treatment
    • Tooth colored fillings to to repair decay
    • Cosmetic bonding to enhance your smile
    • Inlay and Onlay
    • Crown (Ceramic and Gold)
      • Just one appointment for ceramic inlay, onlay and crown delivery
    • Bridge
  • Cosmetic dental treatment
    • In House and At Home teeth whitening
    • Esthetic veneer and crown
    • Clear Aligner system- mild straightening teeth
    • Laser gum contouring
  • Oral Surgery
    • Wisdom teeth extraction
    • Simple and complex surgical extraction
    • 3D printer and CT guided Implant placement
    • Bone grafting and sinus lift
  • Sedation dentistry
    • Nitrous sedation
    • Oral sedation
  • Endodontic treatment
    • Root canal treatment
  • Sleep dental treatment
    • Sleep oral appliance / Mandibular Advancement Devices for mild to moderate sleep apnea patient
  • Family and Pediatric dentistry

*Please don’t hesitate to call us to share your dental concerns and find out the best treatment options.*